Black Boys OM, Inc.

The Garden of Mindfulness

December 21, 2023 Black Boys OM Collective Season 3 Episode 3
Black Boys OM, Inc.
The Garden of Mindfulness
Show Notes

OrigInal from Aaron Robinson's Podcast

OPWAR podcast 126 Will Hardy: @suansatiThe Garden of Mindfulness

This is one of 2 podcasts I’m releasing in 2023. I decided at the beginning of the year that it would be one of learning and receiving. I traveled the world, went to 2 different trainings, and got certified in SomatiQ Breathwork & Yoga — further developing my ability to be of service while deepening my devotion to spiritual practice. 

Along this journey, I’ve met some pretty incredible people. One of them is this man. Someone with such a kind soul who lives a life with pure intention. 

I spent 4 weeks with him & his family along with a cohort of yogis for our 200 HR Yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai Thailand. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it speaks to the integrity of this path that there are no shortcuts and so much to learn in discomfort. 

This conversation took place on the second to last day of our training. There was supposed to be a video that went along with it — but a common theme for me was ‘letting go’
as I botched many many technological executions while on the property. 

Anyway, it felt really good to listen back to this convo and dip back into my podcast flow. Excited to get it back up and running in 2024 and beyond with some new skills and perspectives to share with you all. 

Much love, my beautiful listeners. ❤️